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Fine weather.
Computed at 17:57 BST:

12 hour weather forecast, computed on Wed, 26 Apr at 08:57 BST: Fine weather.
NB: this forecast is highly experimental and should not be relied upon.

Sunrise: 05:54
Sunset: 20:25




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South Somerset Weather

Weather Records View

Record Value Date & Time
Lowest Temperature -6.6°C 29-Dec-2014 08:14:01
Highest Temperature 31.7°C 19-Jul-2016 12:20:43
Lowest Pressure 967.4 mbar 20-Nov-2016 02:49:48
Highest Pressure 1043.8 mbar 29-Dec-2014 20:19:00
Lowest Humidity 18% 09-Jul-2013 15:55:34
Highest Humidity 99% 11-Apr-2013 05:33:07
Highest Wind Gust 98.3 mph 15-Apr-2014 19:57:34
Highest Average Wind 19.2 mph 05-Dec-2015 23:58:57
Maximum Daily Rain 46.5 mm 23-Dec-2013 23:58:36
Maximum Hourly Rain 33.3 mm 06-Jan-2013 10:54:22
Longest Dry Period 25 days 02-Apr-2017 to 26-Apr-2017
Longest Wet Period 22 days 14-Dec-2015 to 04-Jan-2016
Max Daily Temperature Range 21.9°C 13-May-2015
Min Daily Temperature Range 0.6°C 19-Dec-2015
Last updated: 26-Apr-2017 18:15