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Rain, very unsettled.
Computed at 23:56 GMT:

12 hour weather forecast, computed on Fri, 12 Feb at 08:56 GMT: Unsettled, some rain.
NB: this forecast is highly experimental and should not be relied upon.

Sunrise: 07:28
Sunset: 17:24




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South Somerset Weather

Welcome to South Somerset Weather

This Fine Offset WH-1080 Automatic Weather Station is located near Chard, Somerset, UK, and observations can be seen in the links above and on the left in the Graphs section.

The Weather Station base unit is connected to a Raspberry Pi running pywws, uploading weather data at regular intervals.

Other interesting Raspberry Pi projects can be seen by following the links in the Raspberry Pi Projects section.

Update (March 2015): New Raspberry Pi Bat Call Recorder with GPS added to Pi Bat Recorder project page.

Update (September 2015): Raspberry Pi2 Recorder/Detector with USB LCD Touchscreen added to Pi Bat Recorder project page, showing applications for recording and displaying real-time frequency of bat calls.

Click on the bat to take you straight there!

YoWindow Weather Widget:

This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

This template is designed specially for pywws weather software.